3 Hong Kong Festivals That Make Visitors Keep Coming Back


What is the best way to enjoy a holiday with a difference? In addition to enjoying a lovely stay in a highly rated facility and exploring the rich neighborhood, you need to be part of the Hong Kong festivals. Many festivals held in Hong Kong are natural, authentic and will get you off your feet to keep coming back for more. Here are the three main festivals you need to experience when traveling to Hong Kong.

The Wine & Dine festival 

You have probably seen them only on top merchandise shelves or high tables during expensive meetings. These are special wines that are associated with class, style, and complexity.

Now, Hong Kong festival brings you a collection of all types of wines from all over the world so that you can taste and feel the greatness. Well, this is not all. The festival also brings great cuisines so that you can experience the best that Hong Kong and China has to offer.

The Hong Kong’s Lion and Dragon festival 

It is the most awaited and enjoyable festival in Hong Kong. Hundreds of colorful lions, dragons, celestial guardians, and acrobats dancing through the streets of Hong Kong make it one of the most enthralling events.

Every year, the event brings new additions that have made them keep entering the Guinness World Records book. Participating in this event will make you get a special connection to Hong Kong and China while appreciating its cultural diversity.

The birthday of Tin Hau 

Tin Hau is the Chinese goddess of the sea; one of the most reveled in the Asian deities. The celebration of Tin Hau birthday will make your stay unforgettable because of the special connection and decorations. The boats are decorated using showy banners and labels that shout thanks to the goddess for protection.

Passionate prayers are also made to the deity for safe sailing, more fishes, and good weather. The festival also features Chinese opera performances, lion dances, and martial arts. Well, when you participate in this event, you can only be sure of one thing; coming back for more.