Expert Tips for Sustaining Whitened Teeth

After a teeth whitening session, you can now smile again. A new lease of life has been handed to you. As you enjoy the lovely smile, it is important to avoid further coloration. The process of whitening opens the teeth pores which put you at a great risk of new coloration. To avoid new coloration and to put the teeth in danger, here are some expert tips. 

The secret or maintaining white teeth after whitening 

What you eat and drink are the main determinants of the ability to maintain the white teeth.


The best soft drinks to take include mineral water because all the fluoride and carbonate particles have been removed. You should also take tonic water and skim milk.

The focus here is ensuring to take beverages that provide all the body nutrients without causing damage to the teeth.

It is important to avoid beverages, even if you are on holidays in Bangkok or somewhere else, such as coffee and tea that can add a layer of coloring to the whitened teeth.

If you want to take alcoholic drinks, consider going for brands that do not cause direct coloring. These include the white wine, white rum, white tequila, and vodka.


Like beverages, you should also take foods that are colorless to avoid staining the teeth. Here are the recommended foods by categories;

  1. White vegetables and fruits: parsnip, pineapple, Apple, banana. Cauliflower and white beans.
  2. Cereals and bread: White bread, rice crispies, steam plain rice, and nuts
  3. Raw vegetables: Look for foods that are rich in fibers because they help to scour the teeth surface to remove any bacterial build up. Such vegetables include cauliflower and broccoli.
  4. Other foods: Citrus is believed to be a whitening agent. You should, therefore, try to include citrus fruits in every meal. Other fruits include bananas, strawberries, and oranges.
  5. It is very important to include a lot of carrots in the food whether cooked or raw. Carrots supply vitamin A that is used by the body to strengthen the teeth and dental system.