Four Places You Must Visit When Travelling To Hong Kong


Hong Kong is known as the city of skyscrapers. For years, it has stood out as a travelers’ paradise because of unique facilities. Whether planning a romantic getaway, family weekend out, or long holiday, here are the most enthralling four places to visit in Hong Kong. 

The Peak 

It is the highest point on Hong Kong Island. When you call Hong Kong the city of Sky Scrapers, there is no other place to experience this thrill other than the Peak.

The peak points have big viewing areas with retail outlets and dining information that will help you to experience the greatness of the skyscrapers that pierce the sky. Some of the peak viewing points include the Peak Tower and the Peak Tran historical gallery. 

The ocean park 

The Hong Kong ocean park was started in 1977 and is one of the most enthralling marine parks in the world. Located in the southern section of the Island, it sits on slightly over 500 square meters and has some of the most enthralling marine diversity.

The park contains animals such as the Australian sharks, rays, and the saw like rostrum. You will also enjoy great moments with penguins, arctic foxes, walruses, spotted seals, zebras, kinkajou, Pandas, Salamanders, and alligators.

The ladies market 

Your time in Hong Kong cannot be complete without a visit to the ladies market. It has become the ultimate shopping point for celebrities from all over the world. The street has some of the best fashion and boutiques for fashion, clothing, accessories, and home décor.

Whether you are a model or simply want to get personal satisfaction in clothing and fashion wear, check the 1-kilometre ladies market for an unforgettable experience.

Lang Kwai Fang 

This is the most popular hot spot for nightlife. It has over 90 restaurants and bars that serve both local and exotic cuisines.

The atmosphere ranges from stylish wine pairing to enthralling jelly shots that will make your visit truly enjoyable. It is only here that you can catch some great moments with top Asian and Hollywood celebrities for a truly enjoyable holiday.