The Sure Way to Get Your Investment VISA Approved in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong economy is a global attraction. The stable banking system, stable political system, government support, subtle tax regime, and huge market in Hong Kong make it an irresistible destination for investors. One way of entering, investing, and growing into a multinational is acquiring a Hong Kong investment visa.

However, the number of investment visas approved every year has shrunk so much over the years. In 2010, over 1200 visas were approved under the previous capital investment scheme. However, only 200-300 investment visas are approved currently. This brings us to the big question; how can you get a Hong Kong investment visa approved? Here are some great methods you should use.

The five key pillars to get your investment visa approved

Ensure the business can demonstrate and has the capacity to make a positive contribution to the economy. As a business economy, Hong Kong targets allowing only those businesses and enterprises that will contribute to its growth. Here you need to demonstrate how successful the business will be through records or a detailed profit and loss plan for the next couple of years.

Ensure to have the operational cash to run the business for about 6 months. When a business commences, the Hong Kong administration only approves investment visa for those who are ready to support their enterprises for longer periods before it can cater for its bills.

If you are a resident with more than 3 years, the application stands a better chance of approval. While Hong Kong wants to encourage investors to come and be part of its system, the administration appreciates that the business ecosystem is very complex. Therefore, preference is given to those who have ample background of the market.

People with expertise in special areas stand a better chance for faster approval. While Hong Kong allows investors to come and source for staff from any part of the world, it insists that preference must be given to local people. Your approval will also be done faster if you are bringing special skills such technology with the capacity to help the economy grow even faster. For example, professionals in fintech and apps development get approved and supported easily.